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ESCAPE rooms



Best Team Size: 4 to 10 players

While taking a tour of Main Street Winery you wandered off and find yourself in a highly guarded room.  It is no wonder that this wine is the highest rated and valued!

Suddenly, the security cameras come on and you are face to face with the winemaker himself!  He eyes you closely... but oh no - something isn't right.  It becomes apparent that he thinks *you* are the rival that has been threatening to steal his recipes!  Well he has a treat for you - the cops are coming and unless you find a solid alibi in 60 minutes, charges will be pressed and you will find yourself behind bars for a long time.  Get crackin' - this guy means business!

Speaking of crackin', see if you can crack the code on what is really going on here!!

The Wine Vault at the Grapevine Excape
The Wine Vault



Best Team Size: 4 to 10 players

As lab interns employed by the multi-billion dollar laboratory FocusTec Laboratories, you find yourself in an extremely precarious position.  FocusTec is known globally for their implantable chip technology - a scientific breakthrough that makes concentration a breeze.   As you enter the main lab area within the top secret sector of the facility, an assistant grabs your attention through a ceiling speaker.  The Chief Technical Officer, Patricia Cromwell, has not been to work for weeks, and to make matters worse, the facility has stopped producing the chip hardware.  The company is quickly losing favor with stockholders. Only Dr. Cromwell knew the system well enough to get it going again.

The assistant asks for your help - search the lab carefully and see if you can figure out how to follow in Dr. Cromwell's footsteps and get the machines turned back on again. FocusTec is counting on you!

FocusTec LABS at The Grapevine Escape
FocusTec Labs
Rudolph's Gift
Rudolphs gift on vacation 2025-min.png



Best Team Size: 2 to 8 players

Christmas is a time for giving…and it’s also the busiest time of year at Santa’s Workshop!

Rudolph has hit a milestone anniversary for his long years of service in spreading holiday cheer throughout the world. Mrs. Claus has pulled out all the stops to celebrate this monumental occasion and is making him a one-of-a-kind gift: Golden Hooves to help with his rooftop landings. To add to the chaos, Santa’s elves have come down with the Mistletoe Mumps!

It’s hard to find seasonal workers these days, and even more so when you’re at the North Pole! Mrs. Claus is relying on YOU to help finish Rudolph's gift before Santa arrives, and make this wintery season holly and jolly for everyone!

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