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ABOUT Grapevine Escape Owners

Amber and Russell Sebastian  Owners of The Grapevine Escape

Amber and Russell Sebastian are the proud owners and operators of The Grapevine Escape.


With 25 years of managerial experience in high fashion retail, Russell has successfully overseen production operations for websites, third-party applications, and control systems. His passion for games, puzzles, and technology drives the unique offerings at The Grapevine Escape.


Meanwhile, Amber brings 25 years of expertise from working in dental practices, excelling in Management, Human Resources, and Financial Planning.


Both Russell and Amber are active members of the Grapevine community, contributing a combined 12 years as Board Members for Runway Theatre. Their outgoing personalities and collective skills make them a dynamic team, dedicated to delivering new and exciting entertainment experiences to Grapevine.

Our Founders

The existence of The Grapevine Escape is indebted to the incredible generosity of the individuals mentioned below. We are deeply honored to receive such strong support, and extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of them!

Escape Angels

Steve & Karen Sebastian

Debra & Robert Sutton

Escape VIPs

Christianna, Micah & Brenden Yarbrough

Escape Benefactors

Kathy & Larry Beck

Clarissa & Keith Sebastian

Escape Executives

Marsha & Barclay Berdan

Escape Providers

Sloan & Williams Winery
Lone Star Chrysler Dodge Jeep Cleburne
Martina, Ekkehard & Arno Geister
Gwen Haas

Brittany & Scott Sebastian
Duff & Patrick O'Dell

Escape Artists

Charla Allen
Nancy Aycock
Sherri Beck
Danica Bergeron
Judy Blalock
Cassie & Don Breaux
Brian Brissman
Melanie Brown
Melissa Brown
Norma & Jerry Brown
Emily & Rob Calbert
Judy Coleman
Chad Crabtree

Evelyn Davis
Patsy & Rick Daussat
Ryan Daussat
Tony Daussat
Greg Dittmeyer
Sherrie Dominguez
Fritz Eder
Theresa & Darrell Edgar
Sherry Etzel
Sherry F.

Sherrie & Mark Dominguez

Patti & Tony Flores

Starla Fox

Tammy & Paul Fox
Linda Fullhart
Sarah Fullhart

Kristina & Jaime Garcia
Liza Garcia
Laurie & John Grissom
Jill Groover
Michelle Haas
Reuben Heim
Carrie Hernandez
Rose Anne Holman
Karen Hurtado
Mary & Dale Johnson
Chris Jordan
Greg Kozakis
Rebecca Lodge

Sue Ellen Love
MaryGail Masters
Phyllis McConnell
John McEwen

Jeff Mizener

Ryan Montgomery

Emily Moriarty
Terry Olaes
Sreenivasulu Parsa
Marti Pevehouse
Greg Phillips
Marisol & Kurt Rex
Holly Richardson
Nicole Rullo

Mark Saunders
Courtney Sebastian
Kevin Sebastian
Todd Steele
Tracie Foster Stein
Karen & Michael Stephenson
Rus Teston
Jenna Thorne
Harry van Rees
Hilary Vinson
Claudia Walters

Dan Weinberger
David Westbay
Bob Withers
Heather Wu
Amy Wyatt

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