The Conundrum Box is a subscription adventure in a box game full of puzzles, clues, ciphers, and deep story driven narratives. Many adventures happen in a season, with an overall story arc linking each month’s box to an exciting climax at the end of the season. Each month you will receive a new adventure in a box, the first four seasons each year are connected by a larger overall narrative.   

This business is locally owned by our friends Meredith and Dan Vogel.  We have played these games and highly recommend them for fun at home!!



Play a live Escape Game from the comfort of your own home, you say?  YES, it is possible!  The incredibly talented team at Murfreesboro Escape Games are presenting an incredible experience online! With up to 4 screens and 8 players at a time, "Magnum Opus" is an absolute blast!  Family friendly and challenging!  If you are looking for a live, online experience, this is it!

Owned and operated by some awesome Escape Room Owners - Allee and Jared Dauenhauer. 

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Escape Excursions

What exactly is this?  How do I explain it to others?
Introducing Escape Excursions!  We bring the puzzle experience to your location with plenty of storyline and intrigue that challenges and excites everyone who participates.  Take a group of friends, family or co-workers, team up to solve mind-bending puzzles, locked boxes, and hidden clues in a limited  amount of time to score points and climb to the top of the leader board.  Those who can work and think together will win the game - ESCAPE!


What is the difference between an "Escape Room" and an "Escape Excursion"?
An Escape Room is a location-based experience.  By nature, Escape Rooms have more going on - you are walking into a fully envisioned environment, after all.  Escape Rooms usually last an hour.  You may be partnered with other players in order to maximize the number of participants.  Escape Rooms may offer less flexibility and are difficult to pair with other social activities.  For example, most Escape Rooms prohibit drinks or food while playing.  


Escape Excursions are travel rooms that are administered by The Grapevine Escape personnel during the experience.  While not as visually comprehensive as an Escape Room, excursions offer additional convenience & flexibility by coming to your party - no travel needed.  Escape Excursions offer many of the same types of puzzles and story lines you may find in an Escape Room.  Escape Excursions are 30 minutes each, allowing for more teams in a shorter amount of time. Excursions are points-based - that is, you earn points based on specific criteria within the room.  You earn (or lose) points based on the actions you perform within the time limit.  Those points are calculated and a score is earned for each team.  Oh, and finally, Escape Excursions are cheaper in cost than a traditional Escape Room.  That's always a plus.

How much does something like this cost?
Call for pricing! 

How many people can play at one time?
Escape Excursions accommodate 2 to 8 participants.  However, our experience tells us that 4 to 6 players per experience is the best number for these activities.  Fewer than four people will certainly ramp up the challenge.  More than six people can become chaotic and confusing based on the level of communication required.  Some excursions, such as Amnesia! are suited for up to 8 players.

What happens if I *need* to get out?
You can!  That is an advantage (or potentially, a disadvantage!) of both our Escape Rooms and our Escape Excursions.  If you need to stop playing for any reason, you are welcome to do so!  There is no rule that a player has to remain engaged.  However, the clock keeps ticking... and the longer you are not helping your team, the less brain power available to solve the puzzles!  

What happens after 30 minutes?

The administrator will call an end to the game and points will be calculated.  If you are playing against another team, there will be an announcement of the winners.

Can I invite children to this experience?  Will I be scared? 

Yes, children and teens are certainly welcome!  Escape Excursions are family friendly and we encourage this type of game to be experienced by families (however, anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).  Many of the puzzles are rated 11 years and up.  Our excursions are not designed to be scary experiences.  These are meant to be played in public places, so there are no scary elements, loud noises, or cheap "Boo!" moments :)  Seasonal or themed rooms may be added over time.  In these cases, we will certainly let you know if it is age-appropriate for children under 16. 

Can we book more than one excursion or room at a time?
Of course, just as long as it isn't already booked.  This is best suited for larger parties, or teams looking to have multiple challenges.  Multiple rooms can be run at the same time in order to maximize the number of participants playing at one time.  For example, a group of 20 (5 per team) can go through two excursions in a little over two hours, with only one hour downtime.   With one room, it would take the same amount of time, but player downtime would be an hour and a half.  Not to mention, only one game is experienced.

Where can Escape Excursions be performed?
Escape Excursions are travel-ready.  We can run them anywhere there is a semi-private area. We can set up excursions at home for birthday parties, office conference rooms, or even public locations anywhere in the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex.  For convenience, we have many partnerships with restaurants, wineries, and other locations in the heart of Grapevine Texas.  Give us a call - we can help plan an entire outing, including food, drinks, and escapes :)

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