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Only .8 miles from Hotel Vin & the Main Street TEXRail Train Station in Grapevine!

Choice Award

Top Escape Room Project Awards -  TERPECA
Top 100 Escape Rooms in the USA

we made the
Top 100 Escape rooms in the USA!
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the grapevine excape top escpae toom 2022
The Grapevine-Escape -Agency Phone - Mobile Escape
World Premiere
Festival Escape Room!
The Grapevine Escape Room Key
The Grapevine Escape Room Key
The Grapevine Escape Room Key
The Grapevine Escape Key

Come in and
get out!

The Grapevine Escape Room

experience unlike any other


Embark on an enchanting voyage through the extraordinary realms of The Grapevine Escape, where each visit promises an adventure through captivating spaces and unparalleled experiences.

Our family friendly escape rooms are exciting entertainment experiences for everyone! 

Our escape rooms introduce players into themed situations where the goal is the same - solve challenges in record time to win the game before time runs out. 

Teamwork means success, and individual contribution is paramount.  Our locally owned and operated escape rooms are detailed, unique creations, and we know you will love the adventure!   


- Russell & Amber Sebastian
The Grapevine Escape

Escape Rooms At
The Grapevine Escape

Discover a world of unmatched exploration with our three exciting escape room experiences, all ready for your team to master them.


These are immersive experiences unlike anything you've ever experienced; they're more than just rooms.


Get ready to get carried away on an incredible adventure filled with obstacles and surprises around every corner.

Secure your spot at The Grapevine Escape today by clicking the button and booking your reservation Today!

The Grapevine Escape The Wine Vault
The Grapevine Escape Focus Tec Labs

The Grapevine Escape

The Grapevine Escape Excursions is a fantastic addition that can elevate any event or gathering. Experience the exhilaration of team building like never before—where the possibilities are endless!


We bring the excitement to your doorstep with five unique experiences that are tailored to test participants in different ways.


Our transportable escape experiences provide an amazing time for every event that calls for excitement, be it a boisterous party, an interesting business meeting, or anything else.

Dare to take the challenge?

The Grapevine Escape The Disappearance of Molly Fitch
The VIP at The Grapevine Escape
The Grpaevine Escape - Amnesia
The Grapevine Escape - Escape The Classroom
The Grapevine Escape - Christmas Chaos

The Grapevine Escape Reviews

Grapevine Escape Top Escape Rooms Project Awards - TERPECA Award Nominee

Come in and get out
The Grapevine Escape!

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