We realize that sometimes the whole party cannot come to Grapevine.   That is OK - The Grapevine Escape can bring the escape experience to you!  That's why we created Escape Excursions...

Great for birthday parties, family reunions, office parties, team building or any other special occasion.

Escape Excursions are different than a room escape experience in a few important ways.  

  • First, most obviously, the rooms are brought to you, so while the puzzles and challenge exist, the décor and ambience are limited.  That's OK though - we bring plenty of storyline and experience that will challenge and excite everyone who participates.  

  • Second, these experiences only take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  Participants will be split up into appropriate sized teams, and scored based on their success.  After all teams have completed the excursion, the winners will be announced.  

  • Third, discretion is key!  Because many participants will be experiencing the same show, it is imperative that everyone keep chatter down - no sense giving a team who has not gone yet the upper hand!

The Excursions

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