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Welcome to ​The Grapevine Escape!  We are happy you are here!  Escape rooms are a new type of entertainment experience centered around team building, time management, critical thinking and problem solving.  The experience is designed to place  teams of friends, co-workers, families, or complete strangers in themed situations where the goal is the same - solve the challenges in record time and win the game before time runs out.  Earn your right to brag!  Everyone has a voice, and it takes collaboration to win.  Each experience is designed such that success is extremely unlikely without teamwork and communication.  Teamwork means success, and individual contribution to the greater challenge is paramount.  There may be many ways to solve a riddle, but it may also take many minds to come to the right solution. 

The Grapevine Escape has TWO different styles of escape room fun!  If you are ready, read on adventurer. 

Escape Excursions are an amazing addition to any party or gathering!  Team building has never been this much fun!  We have FIVE completely different experiences that challenge players in many different ways!  And most importantly, we bring the fun to you!  You heard that right - our traveling escape experiences are a great way to have fun at a gathering, a party, office meeting, or any occasion!!  Do you have what it takes?  Our Escape Excursions are:

If you are looking for a location with all the pomp and circumstance, we have that for you at 160 North Main Street in Grapevine, Texas (for those familiar, we are next to The Back Porch and right across the street from the Bank of the West at the northern end of the strip).  We have THREE exceptional experiences available for you and your teams to conquer (starting October 2017).  These rooms are unique - you have definitely NOT experienced this type of escape!  Our three rooms are:

OKAY, Escape Artists.  Now here is the real important stuff.  Below is a super secret club that you are invited to join.  If you enter your name, email, and birthday below, you will be rewarded with a coupon code worth $5 off your price of admission.  Plus, you will stay up to date on our launch information, new rooms, leaderboards, events, and other really cool stuff!  You don't want to miss out on this.  Seriously. 


An experience unlike any other.



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160 North Main Street

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